Hello, goodbye.

Almost 6 years have passed since I opened this community in 2007. Thank you for your continued support through all those years. All the Livejournal layouts (blog themes) and Winamp skins that I’ve made will still be available for use and download, but I will no longer provide support for them. Feel free to hack/edit the layouts any way you want!

I will continue to support the Icon Table Generator and the Tiny Icon Generator.

Malionette's Icon Table Generator     malionette's tiny icon generator

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Livejournal Layouts Archive

Click on the image to view a live preview. Installation instructions and the CSS code is available on the download pages.
I no longer provide support for these layouts. They may not be compatible with recent Livejournal updates.

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Layout 055 : Hope Orange

This layout was created in hopes to fundraise for my Relay for Life team. All collections are used to fund Cancer research. Use this free Livejournal Layout if Cancer has impacted your life in some way or another. In return, I simply ask you to spread my message by Reposting (click Repost button below).

I encourage you to read my story, and donate to fight back Cancer ($5 to $10 is a generous amount).

Thank you, donators: gimmick_game, mousewings